Thursday, 26 May 2016

Straddling Bus: China's future transportation

Image Credit: The Guardian
If you are interested in another new form of transportation, check yesterday's post on Hyperloop.

With China's increasing city traffic, especially with the shoot in the car sales, a new travel vehicle, Straddling Bus, has been proposed. During the 19th International High-Tech Expo that was conducted in Beijing, last week, the concept of Straddling Bus was demonstrated with a working model. Here's the video to it:

Straddling Bus can accommodate around 1,400 passengers, that is, it can do the job of 40 buses. So one can imagine the reduction in city traffic due to large buses and fuel consumption. It occupies a space of a double lane. And the most intriguing feature is that it travels at an height from the road level so that other vehicles that are moving on the same road can still continue their rides. It can travel at a speed of 40 miles per hour which can make faster travels as well. 

Though the concept was first laid in 1969 in New York, it did not become successful. It has been revived now and Transit Explore Bus, a Beijing-based tech company is planning to do the testing by July or August, this year. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hyperloop - The Future Transportation

Image Credit: Jalopnik
I wonder how we people of the bygone days must have reacted when new transportation systems were gradually invented. It must have been a scary ride for the first bicyclers to balance on the pedals and to use the handle bars awkwardly. With motor transports like bikes and cars, the speed of the motor must have been apprehensive, initially. I simply cannot imagine how and when travellers could have felt safe about air planes. 

Why am I talking about the fear of the past?

Well, can you imagine a new system of transportation that defeats the speed of all the existing systems - sea ways, air ways, railways, roadways?

Here it is! The Hyperloop Technology!

According to Wikipedia,  
The Hyperloop is a conceptual high-speed transportation system originally put forward by Elon Musk, incorporating reduced-pressure tubes in which pressurized capsules ride on an air cushion driven by linear induction motors and air compressors.

If it's over your head to understand, simply imagine being seated in a long steel tube, with closed walls on all sides. You will be travelling at twice the speed of sound, that is, a distance of 600 km can be travelled in 30 minutes. 

Initially studies are set to happen with Hyperloop running between Longport and Los Angeles. On May 24th, 2016, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a tech start-up, has released a video of passenger's virtual travelling experience in a Hyper loop, during a technology conference at Vienna. According to the video, passengers would not get a glimpse of the real outside surroundings. However, the window panels will simulate the view of the outside through a pre-programmed set of moving stills. 

Hyperloop Interior
Image Credit: Verge

While a lot of factors such as seating comfort and other the safety features are being debated, we may hope for the fifth mode of transportation to come into existence sooner.   

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Flipkart Big Shopping Days From 25th - 27th May, 2016 / Free vouchers/ Promo codes

Flipkart Big Shopping Days

Had enough fun playing the snake and ladder game until yesterday? Now it's time to redeem all your luckily won vouchers at the Flipkart Big Shopping Days

I am ready to give away three vouchers I won yesterday, Yes, for free! Leave a comment below. First come, first serve. 
1 voucher x Rs. 50 for purchase of Rs. 500 between 25th - 27th May.
2 vouchers x Rs. 100 for purchase of Rs. 1000 between 25th - 27th May.

The offers are valid from today, Wednessday, 25th May until Friday, 27th May, 2016. 

Great deals are live for electronics and accessories. The featured offer is:

Le 1S Eco Smart Phone at Rs. 9,999 sold by WS Retail

Le 1S Eco

Additional offers:

*Free back cover
*Le Eco membership worth Rs. 4,900
*Free earphones worth Rs. 1,300
*Exchange with mobile phones up to Rs. 8,500
*10% cashback with Citi credit and debit cards

Other offers are for laptop exchange up to Rs. 10,000 for Intel laptops and Vu (102cm) Full HD TV are also available. And there's so much more. Don't miss minimum 80% off on movies and music DVDs and 30% off on books. 

The Flipkart Big Shopping Days Game

Flipkart Big Shopping Days Game

Flipkart is back with the Big Shopping Mela between May 25th and May 27th, 2016. However, this time, there is an exciting game associated with it from which you can win loads of gifts and prizes. Here's what you need to do:

1. If you don't have the Flipkart app installed on your mobile or tab device, install it now. (Android, Windows and iOS App versions)

2. You can find the Big Shopping Days Game on the Homepage. Click on it.

3. It is the Snake and ladder game. Click on 'Play Game'. You will enter the game. Click on the dice to start playing. If your play happens to fall on any of the rewards on the way, it will automatically be unlocked. The respective reward info will reach your notification panel immediately.

4. You will have three chances to play. After the three chances, you can acquire three more chances each by:

* Inviting a friend for the play. Example, sending an invite through whatsapp.
* Writing a product review
* Adding to your Flipkart wallet money

5. There is no skill required for this game. It's only a chance-win game.

6. The game can be played between May 20th to May 24th, 2016. Today is the last day. Get set, and try your luck!!!

I have tried it personally and won a few rewards :) Yay!!!

Video Review of L'amandier: An European Style Restaurant

Lamandier Restaurant

L'amandier is a quiet dining place at RA Puram, Chennai. It's known for its European cuisines. A perfect place for brunch and buffets, check my video review of the restaurant below:

If you are looking for a good combo of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines, you must definitely try L'amandier. I found their service great. The variety of salads and desserts is exceptional. For detailed information and cuisines list, check this video:

What makes me feel warm about "Paper Boat' Brand?

Paper Boat brand Panakam
You couldn't have missed Paper Boat while crossing a refrigerator at a super market!

Paper Boat is an energy drink brand, marketed by Hector Beverages, Bangalore. The best feature of Paper Boat drinks is that they are not carbonated. So, if your parched throat wants a drink but you are bored of Pepsi and Coke types, Paper Boat is a superb choice. It comes in around ten flavours. 

The recent Ram Navami release, Panakam, was a delight. Not many households continue to make Panakam in the summers which used to be a tradition in the past. Panakam is a natural coolant during summers which contains no big ingredients. Paper Boat's Panakam tastes very close, in fact, the exact of homemade panakam and it's was disappointing to know that it was a seasonal release. 

Paper Boat brand scooter memories

Apart from the packaging and the taste it renders, the theme that Paper Boat carries with all its drinks, makes it warmer. Behind every pack of Paper Boat drink, a message of an old memory that we can associate with our childhood days is printed. Those simple write-ups and illustrations add a warmth to the drinking experience. 

Paper Boat brand kite memories

Not just it elicits our memories, but also ends with an optimistic message, 'Life is Still Beautiful'! My appreciations to the thoughtfulness worked behind this branding. 

Personally, I like most of the flovours of Paper Boat. The chilli guava didn't appeal to me much because I like the raw guava taste better than the ripen one. 

Please do write your comments below about your experiences and opinions about Paper Boat. 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Rooster Round-up

Whatever Rooster spots:

Perfetti's Mentos [Chewy dragees] is now available as Chewing Gums too.

Rooster spotted 'Pepsodents Kids' toothpaste in a retail outlet. There were three variants in the retail outlet, namely Barbie, Superman and Tom n Jerry.

Fiamma Di Willis shampoo is available as a pack of 7 sachets. Since many people buy shampoo sachets instead of bottles and use one sachet per wash, rooster thinks that its a brilliant idea for a Shampoo SKU. This pack of 7 is priced Rs 20, a rupee less than it costs to buy 7 sachets of the shampoo. [But why 7? is it because the pack would become bulky for say 10 sachets and insignificant for say 4 sachets and 7 is the appropriate number? or does it just signify a WEEK's pack - one sachet a day for a week?]

Rooster spotted "Cadbury Lite" - a 'No sugar Added" chocolate bar targeted at the diabetic chocolate lovers. It is said to contain a sugar substitute 'Maltitol'.

Haldirams, the nagpur based snack company also has 'a ready to eat Bhel-puri' and 'sharbat liquid concentrate' in its portofolio.

'Schweppes tonic water' is spotted in the retailer's refrigerators.

[P.S: Rooster is currently in Chennai and these products were spotted in a retail outlet at chennai]