Tuesday, 24 May 2016

What makes me feel warm about "Paper Boat' Brand?

Paper Boat brand Panakam
You couldn't have missed Paper Boat while crossing a refrigerator at a super market!

Paper Boat is an energy drink brand, marketed by Hector Beverages, Bangalore. The best feature of Paper Boat drinks is that they are not carbonated. So, if your parched throat wants a drink but you are bored of Pepsi and Coke types, Paper Boat is a superb choice. It comes in around ten flavours. 

The recent Ram Navami release, Panakam, was a delight. Not many households continue to make Panakam in the summers which used to be a tradition in the past. Panakam is a natural coolant during summers which contains no big ingredients. Paper Boat's Panakam tastes very close, in fact, the exact of homemade panakam and it's was disappointing to know that it was a seasonal release. 

Paper Boat brand scooter memories

Apart from the packaging and the taste it renders, the theme that Paper Boat carries with all its drinks, makes it warmer. Behind every pack of Paper Boat drink, a message of an old memory that we can associate with our childhood days is printed. Those simple write-ups and illustrations add a warmth to the drinking experience. 

Paper Boat brand kite memories

Not just it elicits our memories, but also ends with an optimistic message, 'Life is Still Beautiful'! My appreciations to the thoughtfulness worked behind this branding. 

Personally, I like most of the flovours of Paper Boat. The chilli guava didn't appeal to me much because I like the raw guava taste better than the ripen one. 

Please do write your comments below about your experiences and opinions about Paper Boat. 

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