Monday, 23 May 2016

Rooster Round-up

Whatever Rooster spots:

Perfetti's Mentos [Chewy dragees] is now available as Chewing Gums too.

Rooster spotted 'Pepsodents Kids' toothpaste in a retail outlet. There were three variants in the retail outlet, namely Barbie, Superman and Tom n Jerry.

Fiamma Di Willis shampoo is available as a pack of 7 sachets. Since many people buy shampoo sachets instead of bottles and use one sachet per wash, rooster thinks that its a brilliant idea for a Shampoo SKU. This pack of 7 is priced Rs 20, a rupee less than it costs to buy 7 sachets of the shampoo. [But why 7? is it because the pack would become bulky for say 10 sachets and insignificant for say 4 sachets and 7 is the appropriate number? or does it just signify a WEEK's pack - one sachet a day for a week?]

Rooster spotted "Cadbury Lite" - a 'No sugar Added" chocolate bar targeted at the diabetic chocolate lovers. It is said to contain a sugar substitute 'Maltitol'.

Haldirams, the nagpur based snack company also has 'a ready to eat Bhel-puri' and 'sharbat liquid concentrate' in its portofolio.

'Schweppes tonic water' is spotted in the retailer's refrigerators.

[P.S: Rooster is currently in Chennai and these products were spotted in a retail outlet at chennai]

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