Monday, 23 May 2016

What's in a name?

There are umpteen number of national and international brands to which we get attracted, because of their brand names or sometimes only because of their brand names. Some brands are outright straight in conveying 'what the brand stands for' in their brand names itself e.g. Weekender - A casual clothing line for the weekends. There are others which are kinda subtle but very effective in communicating what the brand stands for. Such local brand names which Rooster noticed are:

1. THALAPAKATTU BIRYANI: This is a chain of Budget briyani and fast food restaurant with branches throughout Chennai. The phrase "Oru kattu kattanum [tamil]" means 'gotta have a hearty and sumptuous meal'. And 'Thalapa' is headgear or a turban which is worn during deaths and marriages etc, and normally signifies 'being or getting ready for something'. So, the brand name Thalapakattu essential signifies 'getting ready for sumptuous plate of biryani' and its kinda rugged and appeals to the local sensibilities.

2. APPLE A DAY PROPERTIES: This is a builder in Cochin who is into flats construction and promotion. Its tagline is 'Enabling health....healthy living'. This brand name 'Apple a day' helps greatly in the builders positioning. One look at the brand name is enough to convey what the brand and the organistion stand for. Is the name 'Apple a day' subtle?...Yes, it is. The organisation doesn't have a name like 'Healthy Life properties', 'Greenlife properties' etc which somehow doesn't appeal as caring and an organisation of repute.The name 'Apple a day' is subtle but strong in communication. This name conveys the organisation's standing in a subconcious manner too.

3. DENTISTREE: Ah...'Caught you...this one is not subtle in communicating wht the name stands for' is that what ur thinking? Ya, u r rite. This might not be subtle but the word-play makes it interesting. Dentistree is a chain of specialised dental care centres in Chennai. Its logo 'the banyan tree' makes the name more interesting and also draws an analogy between the strength the banyan tree's roots and the strength the root canals of our teeth ought to have.

What's in a name will Rooster discovers more such Brandnames.

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